Ever wondered how often to post on social media? Well, it’s not only you. Most people managing social media accounts and pages been unsure. The answer is quite simple really, as frequently as you can post quality content. The road to social media success can only be effectively followed through quality and consistency.

Recent studies show that there actually are favourable posting frequencies. They vary for different social media platforms. What’s more, it’s probably not as high as you thought. Posting hourly for facebook pages, or Twitter accounts posting at least once every 15 minutes, doesn’t it seem too ridiculously high? Maybe it works for accounts and pages with hundred thousands of followers, not for average local or small scale businesses.

Some may wonder why post frequency is important at all, well, it does play a vital role in social media marketing. If your posts are very infrequent then your audience is bound you forget even your existence. On the other hand, if you post a little too often then they might see you as a nuisance and would despise your posts overcrowding their feeds. Here’s what the research says your posting frequency should be.

Facebook: Studies suggest that once a day is more than enough or a maximum number of two posts per day. Another research shows that pages with under a hundred thousand followers suffered a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once a day. Don’t post any less than 3 times per week to your facebook page. As for when to post, post when you think that the audience of your market is most active. You can even schedule your posts in advance.

Twitter: As far we’ve researched, the top accounts on twitter have been posting about 100 times a day. How crazy is that? That’s definitely a little too over the top. But the studies that we read varied widely – somewhere between from once a day to 51 times per day. So the final verdict is… 3 to 30 times a day! It is imperative to spread your tweets throughout the day as they have a very short shelf life.

Pinterest: Studies show that 3 pins per day prove most efficient with a limit of 30 pins a day. Posting more than that does not confirm any extra advantages. Posting often will definitely help grow your followers.
Instagram: It is suggested to post at least once a day with a maximum 3 posts per day. For us, the same timings as Facebook posts were most suitable.

LinedIn: The ideal number of posts for LinkedIn are twice a week. Don’t post more than once each business day. Posting in mornings will be to your benefit.

GooglePlus: Studies reveal that posting at least 3 times a week and maximum 3 times a day is optimal. The same as LinkedIn, mornings are also best for posting on Google+.

Now you fully understand and comprehend how often you should post on all the mentioned social media forums. Build your own tempo and then strict to it so as the followers will also know what and when to expect. Don’t dabble with more platforms than you can handle. Consistency and high quality content is crucial to maintaining and attracting more and more followers.