Every business has hit a rough spot once in a while. It’s not like you’re completely at a loss and there is nothing you can do to you pull yourself out of this sticky situation. Here are some tips and suggestions you can follow to help your business flourish when it’s going a little slow.

1. Cold Messages and Cold Pitching:

Sending cold messages helps you get back in touch with old friends. Through LinkedIn you’d be able to use your idle sitting connections and business cards. Cold pitch is also a great client attracting strategy. Reaching out to the right set of people is the key. This will help you add a long list of people to your prospect customers.

2. Show Your Gratitude:

Showing good gestures to your clients through thank you notes or a little something extra may help you rope in new business. Hosting giveaways along with sales is bound to show positive response.

3. Find Your Target Audience:

Try attending different events, keep an open mind, you’d be surprised to find your target audience at the most random of places. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a business event either.

4. Write and Re-write Your Business Plan:

Have you ever written a business plan? If you haven’t then you should definitely write one down. It should include your vision along with your mission statement, values and marketing strategies. If you already have a written business plan, maybe it’s about time to rewrite it. With time you and your business have evolved and you’ve probably outgrown your previous business plan. It will help you determine the strengths of your business that you may have been underutilized in the past.

5. Audit Your Business

Carrying out a business audit helps your business become stronger and healthier with a renewed sense of legal stability.

6. Try Reading or Writing Books:

Reading books by different people will help widen the horizon of your mind. With reading, you not only discover new strategies but also go o a journey of self development and identity. Along with reading, writing a book also proves fruitful. Writing a book doesn’t require agents these days, with the self-publishing one can easily publish their own book. Jot down all your years of experience into your book.

7. Experimenting With New Ideas:

Try out new ideas, experimenting with more ideas always gets you somewhere. Rebranding should also be considered. Try a different marketing channel if the old one isn’t working for you. Looking for new partners or affiliates may be the thing for you. Maybe add new payment methods for better results.

8. Keep Your Social Media Accounts Updated:

Keep in touch with the trends via social media. Tune up your social media pages and websites according to the latest trends. Keep your posts updated at all times as well. Use testimonials of satisfied customers to bring in more business. Being active on social media will make you visible to your customers and prospects all the time. Update your system to close new clients, make sure that you are not losing potential clients.

9. Don’t Hesitate For a Little Extra Publicity:

Try sending one page speaker sheets to local event organizers too. Extra publicity won’t harm you. Pinterest is also a great forum for promoting your products and services. Pro bono work will definitely get you more recognition as well. Hosting workshops and webinars will help to boost your business. Try your best to convert the attendees into clients.

10. Stay Optimistic:

Most importantly, stay calm, positive and don’t lose your cool. Following these tips will definitely prove productive. Don’t lose hope.